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Uber: Get Your First Ride FREE! FREE!

Uber: Get Your First Ride FREE!

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UPDATE: Right now Uber is offering a FREE ride for first time riders. You can score a free ride by signing up from THIS LINK HERE.


Uber is the easiest way to get around and usually it’s cheaper than a taxi and more reliable too. I find when I take a taxi I never know if the taxi is going to show up if I call the dispatcher. With Uber you can track the arrival status of your driver by watching the map on the app. With traditional taxis you get taken on a the “scenic route” sometimes in areas you are unfamiliar with, but with Uber you get emailed a map of the route you took so you can’t get ripped off. Recently I was in a non-Uber city and took a taxi and the fare was $17 (With Uber it would have been $10) and I had a twenty dollar bill and the driver responds “I don’t have change?!” WTF, I, as the rider, am supposed to provide exact change when I don’t even know what the fare is going to be??? With Uber you connect your account with your paypal account or credit card and there’s no cash exchanged. No one has to make change. Easy.

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